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How to Improve Essay Writing Fast

Students are failing to find and hold jobs after graduating from colleges as they lack the practical skills necessary to succeed in the professional world. As a result, a certified mechanical engineer has to work as an essay writer at an IT firm because either there is a lack of job opportunities or the candidate lacks experience.

Hence, below are four things that must be re-evaluated and changed in 2019.

1.Improve the standardised methods of assessment in schools:

Every day you wake up to news claiming how the education system has failed its students. In Hong Kong and China, students are loaded with academic pressure to the extent that they become prone to mental illnesses like chronic anxiety and depression. It is estimated that approximately 1 in every five students has thought about suicide in their lifetime. This is an alarming figure and serious action must be taken to identify the root cause and resolve it.

However, one reason for the increasing pressure is the constant assigning of complicated and lengthy assignments. Moreover, when the skills and information that are required to attempt that paper are not facilitated, students become overly anxious. As a result, they pull off all-nighters, lose appetite, and become isolated from their close circle. Apart from this, several students have proclaimed that due to surprise quizzes, they have become supremely anxious as they get extremely fearful before entering their classroom.

Moreover, the current system of education primarily focuses on numbers, grades, and percentage. This is not only dangerous for mental health but also disappointing. Such grading standards have made students think of themselves as failures if they fail to attain good grades or achieve anything less than a B.

However, the attention should be given to teaching styles, and students must be encouraged to take up their academic journey enthusiastically and with a learning mindset.

2.Emphasise on bilingual education:

Globalisation is a real phenomenon, and the educational institutes need to become aware of it and address that change to students. With the rapid evolution, blurred boundaries, and countries tying knots, the upcoming generation needs to have a solid grasp on more than one language. Gone are the days when English was considered the universal language. Now, the only people who are majorly successful are the ones who hold fluency in at least two languages.

Academia, trade, economics, social climate, and innovation are some of the major fields that have openly accepted and encouraged change. Therefore, people of colour, different ethnicities, and culturally diverse individuals connect through professions. It is crucial to understand the language of the client you’re speaking to. In China, the majority of the population is fluent in Chinese and other local languages. Hence, if a person from the UK wants to start a business with anyone from China, he or she has to have basic knowledge of their language.

Therefore, this learning can only be effective during the school years as that is when your mind is easily expanded, and information is retained easily.

3.Special amendments and constitutional action must be taken to lower the cost of tuition:

One of the fundamental reasons, students drop out of college is because of the heavy tuition fees mandated. Getting education is a basic right, and every person should have access to education as that is the only thing that can allow them to grow and move along with the times. When young people are deprived of something as basic as education, the government or educational ministers are directly blamed for failing to constitute and implement competent and justified laws regarding the tuition fees.

To begin with, education should be free of cost. However, if that seems unfair and taxes seem essential, the overall expense should be reduced and in accordance with the person’s bank balance. Moreover, those students who choose to take loans from various social and educational services face severe financial stress the minute they graduate as, at that point, all they have is a loan to offload and that too, without a job. Moreover, by that time, the loan amount gets doubled due to interest and inflation policies. Hence, the problem requires immediate and focused attention.

4.Transference of technical and practical skills:

Academics have now become a rat race where everyone is trying to outdo the rest. They are running in a game where there are no rules, no rewards as such, and absolutely no route. On top of that, students are petrified by the stress and anxiety that comes along with this academic pressure. As a consequence, people have forgotten the joy of learning. Amidst student loans and academic pressure, students have lost track and joined an invisible race.

Moreover, teachers are mostly hired on a reference basis, and they aren’t properly evaluated during the recruitment process. As a result, they are weak and not trained appropriately. Thus, due to the lack of experience, they solely focus on teaching and covering the theoretical grounds meanwhile neglecting the technical and practical applications of learning. Furthermore, due to academic overload, students are concerned about the numbers and grades they achieve rather than what they are learning.

Therefore, teachers should begin by strengthening the basics of their subject. Then, they must install the ability to critically analyse, comprehensively examine, and make predictions about the respective construct. This will allow them the objectivity they need and require in the professional field.

Students are the future, and if they aren’t facilitated accordingly, the entire human population will grapple with hurdles and obstacles in growth. 

How to Have Success with your Home Based Business

Not everyone can put up a successful home business. Beginners usually find themselves at a loss especially in the first few months of operations. More often than not, when the going gets tough an entrepreneur would opt to forget about the whole thing and give up the home business. If you are one of those people who are having trouble getting started and are about to give, hold on a little longer. Things could change for the better if you give it a little more time. Never give up on something until such time when you feel that you have exhausted all your options and still things are not looking better. To help you get through the worst parts of setting up your home business, here are some tips for you.

Conducting Evaluation

When things go wrong, as they most likely will during the first few months of your business operations, take time to evaluate the past events that led to your present predicament. It is always worthwhile to retrace your steps and learn what happened along the way. In most cases, the past events could help you analyze the many aspects of your business and could help you see your business in another perspective.

Conducting an evaluation is the best way to determine what went wrong in your business. Once you know what went wrong, you will be in a better position to find solutions to your problems. When evaluating the causes of your problems, make sure that you look into all the aspects of the situation. Go to the roots of the problems. For instance, if you product fails to sell, you must not just assume that your product is no good. It is possible that you product is good but you did not advertise it enough, the packaging is bad and the price is unreasonable. Take a look at all the possible angles why your product did not sell as you expected.

Studying options

Once you know what caused your business problems, you must now try to find solutions. Make a list of all your available options and rank them according to viability. Choose the best option and implement it accordingly. If the first option does not work, then go on to option two. You can use as many options as you like until you finally find the right one. However, you should also know when to stop. Note that there are cases which are simply too far gone for you to do anything. When you are confronted with situations are beyond help, it is best to simply walk away and let things be. There is really no point of beating a dead horse.

Ask for help

When you feel that there are things which are out of your league, do not hesitate to ask for help. Do not pretend that you know anything and that you can everything on your own. Always remember that somebody out there may have some good ideas that you could borrow.

Profitability is the main key to success with any home based business. A home based business can operate for a long period of time as long as you make it profitable. However, since many businesses don't have a profit to start with this is often the first goal of the home based business owners, and you should reach this goal as soon as possible. To achieve this goal you need to focus on business growth, be careful with your expenses and focus on what you are offering.

Focusing on growth is a key way to build your home based business profits. In order to influence your results you need to have the right mindset. If you don't have a profitable mindset then you are likely going to stay where you are. Rather focus on growth and have the mindset to notice opportunities when they come along that can lead to gain, then take action on these opportunities right away before they are gone.

Next you are going to have to consider you expenses. All businesses have some expenses when they first start out even home based businesses. Make sure you set up a budget that includes room for advertising, a phone line, office supplies and anything else that may be necessary to the specific home based business you are considering. On your list mark down the expenses that are necessary to operating your business, these should be items that you need in order to make your home based business profitable.

You will likely run into some expenses that you don't really need to operate your home based business. These are the expenses that don't help your business grow and only take away from the profits of your business. Carefully consider if you truly need these expenses and if they don't help with profitability then you should cut them for something that will actually help with the growth of your business.

However, you can only move your business so far by restricting your expenses. You also need income in order to gain profitability from your home based business. Promotion is the key to developing any business and gaining profitability. Basically you need to focus on making your business known to people.

You can't expect to do business with you if they aren't aware of your company. While this may seem like an obvious point, the fact is that many home based businesses fail simply because individuals don't spend enough time promoting their business.

If you have more than one product that requires promoting then consider focusing on just one main product for your business. This way you can focus most of your attention on marketing one product and once you get interested customers you can tell them about the additional products. This will make it easier to operate your business and you will also have better results from your actions.

Nine Action Steps For A Success Mindset

The ability of the human mind can serve us beyond our wildest imaginations.  It has an unlimited capacity to learn; and when properly nurtured, it promotes clarity of thought, achievement, and even longevity of life.  Taking responsibility for the successful activity of your mind and deliberately stimulating it for productive output can reap tremendous rewards.

It is easy for us to project our mental activities toward external matters instead of looking within ourselves and intelligently utilizing the natural gifts of the brain.  But, introspection is precisely where success begins and effective action gets processed.

When you understand that the mind is where imagination, inspiration, belief, change, and self-discipline must take place, and you begin to infuse powerful insights and techniques to structure the process, the potential results can be remarkable.

Taking control of your mental faculties and nurturing them to their best advantage provides significant inroads toward accomplishing your important goals.  For example, you learn how to overcome doubt, mental clutter, tolerations, resistance, and other self-limiting obstacles which can undermine, distract, and sabotage your personal growth and actions for the success you envision.

To help you find greater clarity toward achieving what matters most to you, carefully consider how you can begin to implement some or all of the following 9 key action steps for a successful mindset. Once you realize the potential impact these points can have in your life, you will certainly want to make them a part of your everyday action plan for success.

1.  Understand that happiness and success originate from within you.

It is the world inside you that creates the conditions of your life.  To positively change and grow you must truly realize that success or failure is a reflection of your inner world.  Put another way, what you reveal outwardly depends on your inner thoughts and beliefs and how you decide to process and act on those elements.  Once this is understood and actively addressed, inward and outward success can nurture one another and contribute to personal happiness and the life you desire.

2.  The mind holds a tremendous desire to be positively stimulated and to experience the feeling of success.

This part of you that feels, perceives, and reasons thirsts for your input and follow-through to achieve.  In other words, your brain is designed to solve problems and to help you reach the goals that you give it. Think of your mind as a clean slate, where you have the opportunity to nourish and empower it with only the healthiest thoughts, beliefs, and intentions.  The thoughts you choose to contribute toward your desired outcome gage the results you derive.

3.  Choice of thought and beliefs shape your life.

What you think about and believe is what you attract to your life.  Clearly, thinking positively and actions of integrity beget the opportunity for more positive results.  Likewise, negative, limiting or defeating thoughts beget the likelihood of negative results.  Have you heard others declare that you should be careful what you wish for (say or think) as you may very well get it?  There is truth in those words, and it can work for or against you.  The way that you interpret or explain things to yourself is critical in determining who you are as person and the outcomes you experience.

4.  Decisions, actions, and results are your responsibility.

To experience a purposeful, balanced, and fulfilled life, it is imperative to accept 100 percent responsibility for the choices you make.  This includes what you think, the beliefs you hold, the decisions you make, the actions you take, and the results you derive from those activities.  There is only one person responsible for the quality of life you live.  That person is you.  By accepting full responsibility for your decisions, actions, and results, your approach going into any endeavor is optimized for the potential of a more positive outcome.

5.  The mind concentrates on a single thought at any given time – use it wisely.

If you accept that the mind holds a single thought at any given time, it would then seem advantageous that each thought should be truly constructive and contribute to your life.  Perhaps that would not be realistic 100 percent of the time, but working toward a more effective choice of thought is certainly a better alternative than living with self-limiting or disempowering thoughts.
Learn to swiftly replace negative thoughts with positive, productive, or inspiring ones.  It takes practice to do this consistently.  But, you will find as you develop this insight and habit of capturing worthwhile, energizing thoughts, negative thoughts will be inhibited and eventually lose their power.

6.  Know that your thought patterns are habits, and some habits need to be changed.

Like most habits, you can change your patterns of thought.  This includes what you think about and the best use of your mental energy.  Often, we succumb to thinking patterns which do not offer much value.  It is easy to become stuck with the same thoughts and beliefs, speaking the same words, and repeatedly doing the same things.  Such a pattern can stifle creativity, learning, and opportunities for a more interesting and adventurous life.  Learn to identify your patterns of thought and recognize where, or if, change is needed.  But, you must be diligent when making changes, as familiar patterns (habits) which are not serving you well are deeply entrenched and new thinking patterns take time to establish.

7.  Self-image must be nurtured.

Each of us has our own native abilities, signature strengths, learning styles, and personality traits.  As you move through your daily life, your self-image can support or sabotage your efforts.  It can mean the difference between feeling inspired and taking action or being apathetic and remaining stagnate.  An immediate way to begin addressing this issue is to take note of the mental pictures you hold of yourself.  Are those images in alignment with what you actually desire for your life?  If they are, that is outstanding.  Continue to nurture and support yourself.  If, however, after an honest self-appraisal, you feel a change is required to match the self-image you want, then figure out what change is necessary and make a commitment to accomplish it.

8.  Goals require belief, commitment, and persistence.

After determining what you want, with the end result in mind, establish both short and long term goals which are worthwhile, achievable, crystal clear, and measurable.  Know why these goals are important to you and what inspires you to achieve them.  Then courageously commit to your goals with specific time frames.  Do not let fear, false starts, adversity, or other people derail your pursuit.  Believing in the outcome determines the outcome.  Know that you deserve what you want and that you will achieve your goal.  Hold fast to your vision and maintain your focus.

9.  The subconscious mind is central to your success.

To truly effect worthwhile and long-term change toward achieving what matters most to you, your affirmative thoughts must reach the subconscious mind.  It is said that as much as 90 percent of ones behavior and beliefs are the result of what the subconscious mind accepts.  And, it has been shown that if you earnestly practice the exercise of feeding your mind with well-chosen information for at least 20 to 30 consecutive days you will have an excellent chance of impacting the subconscious mind for positive change.  

Ten Ways Through Which Your Mindset Remain Healthy

Did you realize that well being is dealing with your well being - rationally and physically? The two-go connected at the hip to accomplish a sound way of life! Having a decent attitude can improve your solace and trust in your day by day life, particularly when difficulties emerge. Exercise is the best way to keep the mind relax. you can also join Fitness Gym to keep yourself fresh and healthy. I found that if my mentality is sure, it might likewise enable me to break the activity and make the activity feel much improved!

1. Acknowledge Yourself, Regardless of What Your Identity is:

Numerous individuals battle to battle for low confidence and low self-esteem. I can completely comprehend this since we face the significance of "excellence" on pretty much every web-based social networking stage and media channel.

When we contrast ourselves with others continual, it very well may be hard to cherish ourselves. Although I generally urge you to be better, more beneficial and more joyful - you need to comprehend that you can't do it for you and not others.

There is a purpose behind this generator since you are remarkable. No two individuals are in every case the same, so there's no compelling reason to attempt to be another person. If you centre around being the best form of you, you'll feel upbeat that you won't contrast yourself with others.

2. Settle on Sound Nourishment Decisions:

This is by all accounts a buzzword, yet it is significant. If you eat profoundly prepared nourishments with minimal dietary benefit, your body will be unreasonably influenced. Great sustenance makes your body work getting it done, making you feel good from the back to front. When you join Fitness Club you will get enough ideas about what type of food suits your body.

Prepared sustenance is loaded up with irritating synthetics that can influence your psyche in a negative manner. If you are under consistent weight, attempt to lessen caffeine and sustenance with abnormal amounts of salt and refined sugar. You will feel greatly improved!

3. Encircle Yourself with Constructive Individuals

Living with companions, family and for the most part, dynamic individuals give you more joy. Take as much time as is needed from your bustling calendar to associate with companions, go out and experience new things, and appreciate!

Feeling increased in value, love and chuckling can help control your psychological well-being. Having constructive individuals around you additionally urges you to endeavour to accomplish your objectives and become the best form.

4. Value the Little Things:

Our lives are extremely bustling nowadays, we continue associating our cell phones continual and give news from each side of the globe.

This can at times be overpowering, and we may overlook what is extremely significant throughout everyday life. Exercise at Fitness Gym every week from every social medium, turn off your gadget and invest additional time doing little things that satisfy you, such as drinking tea or perusing your preferred book. Take everything in, not through the telephone screen. Make proper acquaintance with outsiders, make the most of your time with pets, or simply reflect. Causing a propensity to can enable you to unwind and welcome the seemingly insignificant details that fulfil you.

5. Discover a Side Interest:

It is critical to building up an assortment of aptitudes and diversions throughout your life, as these can furnish you with a reason throughout everyday life and bring you bliss.

If everything you do is work or study, return home and rehash this course, and at last, you may feel overpowered by your life. Doing things that satisfy you encourages you to fulfil your heart. Beginning another diversion is likewise an incredible method to meet individuals with comparative thoughts and extend your system past your typical group of friends.

Even though your advantages may change each year, you will feel progressively positive if you anticipate it!

6. Offer Back to Other People:

Dealing with others and their responses is a piece of keeping up a sound relationship. When you care for somebody, you normally care for their prosperity. If you lose contact with certain companions or family, attempt to accomplish something useful for the individuals who demonstrate your worry. It makes you feel better when you accomplish something for somebody and don't anticipate any arrival.

7. Discussion About Your Sentiments:

Regardless of whether trouble, outrage or disillusionment, a considerable lot of us will leave a lot of feelings.

Here and there we don't discuss our emotions since we would prefer not to "disturb" individuals to take care of our issues. Be that as it may, discussing our sentiments can help manage our considerations and emotions and push ahead.

In the event that you would prefer not to converse with anybody about your sentiments, writing in a diary is extremely useful. Invest energy every week to record your sentiments and you will express better.

8. Survey your Life Consistently:

Time is exceptionally valuable and is by all accounts getting quicker consistently. We may have objectives that we need to accomplish, yet do you frequently sit and monitor their advancement?

Sitting like clockwork to follow what we do in life is useful in understanding what we are progressing admirably and where we can improve. This causes us to be straightforward with ourselves, and if what we do doesn't work, possibly we can set our course.

9. Concentrate on What You Can Control:

Many us invest a great deal of energy agonizing over things we can't control, and at last, the majority of this makes us feel apprehensive and makes us on edge. Go towards the Fitness Club and make social interaction.

Rather, centre your vitality around issues that you can control, and if these issues are extraordinary, partition them into littler issues/errands. Keep in mind that there is continual something in life that you can't totally control. It’s just a piece of growing up and understanding what you ought to and couldn't care less about.

10. Use inability to Support Achievement:

If you are one of those baffled when you fall flat, figure out how to utilize it as a chance to succeed! It might be fairly hard to come up short, we might need to surrender intuitively, yet it is essential to recollect that at whatever point we come up short, it will show us a thing or two.

Gain from missteps and improve next time, utilizing your disappointments to make you a superior individual. If you surrender each time you have an issue, it will empower a low feeling of confidence and you might be too reluctant to even think about trying once more. You have this!

Best Ways of Social Media Advertising for Ecommerce Business

Every new week there is an invention of new social media network. There are millions of active users present on the popular social platforms every second. Therefore, they are highly beneficial for social advertising. There is nothing like social advertising for growing your market reach in case of ecommerce business.

In 2019, there are many different social media platforms exist where you can start with advertising. The 4 top social networks for ecommerce advertising.

Social advertising with Facebook
Facebook is a universal social media platform. It has more than 2 billion monthly users, having capacity to reach virtually everyone. Facebook hosts over one quarter of the world’s population.

When we talk about ecommerce, Facebook is excellent at lead generation. The most common model to run advertisement on Facebook directly into a high-converting landing page with some variety of a lead magnet or bundle product.

The most common content examples for social media advertising campaigns are:



Product coupons.

Limited-time offers.

Sitewide discounts.

Free shipping.


Facebook also allows more advanced targeting compared to any other social advertising platform. Advertisers can actually target by location, interests, job description, past activity, and other criteria.

There are 3 parts to setting up and running a Facebook ad campaign, as follows:

Setting up your advertise
Setting up targeting, and
Setting up retargeting
Social advertising with Instagram
Engagement rate of Instagram is 58% more than Facebook’s rate and 2,000% higher than Twitter’s rate. Instagram boasts more than 500 million active users per month and commands the greatest audience engagement rates in all social media.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and thus setting up Instagram ads is similar to setting up Facebook ads.

On an average, social advertising on Instagram costs are in the same as Facebook ads, which is at a cost of $5 per thousand impressions (CPM). While the price is similar, most statistics show that Instagram has much more engagement on their posts and ads compared to Facebook.

Social advertising with Twitter
Twitter is a worthwhile network for organic engagement. Brands need not pay in order to reach their followers and this enhances the value even when running paid ads. On an average, users of Twitter shop online 6.9x a month, whereas non-users shop online just 4.3x a month.

To set up in Twitter, there are different types of campaigns-

Promoted Tweets
Website Cards
Promoted Accounts
Promoted Trends
On an average, a thousand ad impressions on Twitter ads rate is between $9 and $11 whereas clicks cost around 25-30 cents each. Both optimized campaigns give similar levels of engagement.

Social advertising with Pinterest
Pinterest is a rising social platform. It is highly targeted towards women having 81% female user base. Having 175 million monthly users, it is also an incredibly active platform.

When you talk about Social advertising with Pinterest, you are just talking about promoted pins.

Advertising data is a little bit difficult to find with Pinterest. Ads were very costly at $30-40 per 1,000 impressions and they were only available to big brands. Today’s users are experiencing more affordable prices, with one user citing $5.30 and a CPC of $1.52 that would put Pinterest in other platform categories.

A properly selected and top online marketing agency can help you with all stages of your social advertising need.

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