May 29, 2015

Winning Job Interview

Truth be told, a job interview can be quite brutal, especially if you aren’t fully prepared to handle yourself and be in total control. However, if you overdo it there is also a chance for you to sound too tense and perhaps even trip all over your words, effectively lowering your chances of catching that job. In a way, it is a lot like applying for your driver’s license—your instructor will either pass or fail you depending on how you handle yourself during the test. It is the same way in a job interview, and the step by step process provided by this article hopes to help you improve your chances by offering different tips and advice to having a winning job interview—ultimately coming out of it feeling like a million dollars, instead of feeling like you had lost a million dollars.

So, put on your most natural and confident smile and follow these steps:

* Whether or not you have a sharp wit and a natural ability to answer difficult questions on the spot, you still need to do your homework. Choking in a job interview is not something that should ever happen, so you should do some research on what kind of questions will be asked, as well as practice a little a bit yourself. In front of a mirror, you could answer an imaginary question and see what you can do to make yourself sound and look more amiable and capable. Even changing the slightest of details can be useful.

* Remember, that you are looking to exude confidence, not brash cockiness. The latter will simply annoy the interviewer, and push them to asking you more difficult questions, question that may hit outside of your comfort zone too soon in your job interview. Just remember to look eager, and look confident, but do not overdo it. If you impress your interviewer, then they will be more inclined to easing you into your questions, making your job interview easier to handle overall.
* Finally, always keep in mind that first impressions last in a job interview. How you go about introducing yourself and answering the first questions is the most important part of a job interview, and it will dictate the pace and what will happen all throughout. This is not something you can prepare for necessarily, but it does all depend on how calm you can be. Just try to shake off your anxiety (or even a little bit of it), take deep breaths, and make sure you are mentally prepared, having followed the first step.

Having learned what you should do to prepare yourself for your job interview with the steps above, all you can do now is follow through, and try your best. Knowing is half the battle—effort is the other half. You can do it, and if you are aware of that fact, you will be successful.

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