May 29, 2015

Tips for Safe Internet Banking

1. Do not tell the details of banking information and passwords E-Banking you to others. Do not also put in a computer or send it via email.

2. Change your E-Banking password regularly.

3. Do not believe the emails are accompanied with a link to a website that asks you to verify details of personal information, including your banking information.

4. Make sure the time will transact, you visit the site proper. Start by opening a new browser session and type the site address fully and correctly in the browser address bar. This is done to prevent you are directed to a fake site addresses that are similar to your E-Banking site.

5. Do not leave your computer while transacting.

6. After the transaction is completed, make sure you are completely out of your online account (logged out).

7. Make sure the computer you are using is installed antivirus and other security applications. Be diligent to update your antivirus program regularly.

8. When transacting, avoid using public computers that can not be trusted, for example computer cafe.


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