May 29, 2015

The ill effects of junk food

Resisting junk food is difficult, but with age, taking in junk food is something to be desisted as they do not have a healthy effect on the body. How harmful can junk food be exactly on your body?
Here’s a look on why you need to cut down on junk food eating:

* Junk Diet Food Junk food is made using a lot of saturated fats. Such fats are unhealthy and on digestion can release a lot of toxins into your body. You body gets food but not healthy food.
* Junk food is sometime made using ingredients that are not very clean. This can in the long run spoil your stomach, liver and intestines.
* Junk food does not contain vitamins and minerals and much of the nutrients seen in properly cooked food and in raw food. The body is not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary to have good health and immunity from diseases. Consequently, it makes the person having such food very prone to illnesses.
* Junk food makes you put on weight. People who have obesity or morbid obesity are those who have a preference for junk food and snacking.
* Eating junk food can make you prone to diabetes, because it contain too much of sugar. You cn also become susceptible to heart disease and blood pressure because of the salt and high fats found in this kind of food.
* Packed junk food contains preservatives and coloring, both of which contain carcinogenic substances.
* In the long run, junk food actually fastens the effects of aging. People show signs of old age faster because of continuously eating junk food. This is because continuous eating of junk food exposes the body to long periods of bad nutrition. The result is release of free radicals which are the chief factors responsible for aging effect.

The habit of taking in junk food is seen particularly with children, teenage and young adult and in the long run it can tell on their health. The main factor that attracts people to eat junk food is their taste. This taste must be substituted with food that is cooked well and delicious, but at the same time healthy for the body while intake eating salads and fruits must be take up and even increased.