May 29, 2015

Ten Tips for Best Time Management

Through time management, you can not only make your life more comfortable but also get satisfaction with your career whatever it is. There are a lot of things that you consider little but they matter a lot in your time management. Learn how to arrange and organize your daily tasks ranging from little/major tasks and usual/unusual matters to live a happy and successful life in both personal and professional way.

Here are some tips to provide convenience in making your time management schedule:
  1. Make a list of your routine tasks to organize your daily planner. Try to include every little detail of less and more important points. Make sure nothing is missed in your planner.
  2. Find out the things and activities that wastes your time or they are unnecessary. Don’t get preyed of the things that steal your precious time for nothing and stop your natural productivity and creativity. Exclude them from your planner.
  3. Set your goals for each day with clear definition and try your best to achieve it. Find out best ways to start with and finish.
  4. Prioritize to finish the most important and urgent tasks that can not be delayed at all and then less important. It will give your more satisfaction with your performance.
  5. You are at home or office, always keep your workstation neat and clean and keep your equipments at their right place. It play significant role in saving your time and you don’t need to spend more time in searching things here and there.
  6. Quickly respond to the emails and do not leave any email unanswered for the day. It is helpful in two ways; you finish your work immediately and the email receiver does not have to wait longer for response. Better to design a proper schedule for it.
  7. Avoid multitasking as much as you can. It does not only make your performance slower, but also drags your urgent assignment longer. No matter how expert you are in your duties, but you can easily make mistake if you get overwhelmed with multitasks.
  8. Know yourself and figure out when you work best. Avoid working when you are really not in mood to do it. Probably you can commit some error that can drag the task longer to correct. Try to reserve your best performance time for most important work.
  9. Some things demand quick response and some things required to decide much slower. Arrange both things separate and manage the things appropriately that are more sensitive and demand your response slowly and wisely. It saves you from serious loss.
  10. Organize time for your personal interests to keep yourself fresh. Meet friends and people, visit your favorite place, listen to music, play games, watch movies, paint a portrait or whatever that makes your mind free from worries.