May 29, 2015

Lectureship Interview Questions

To have lectureship in desirable university can be difficult. Obtain or loss opportunity depends estimated 50% on Interview. If you have fulfilled all the requirements and expectations regarding job then you may select as a lecturer. For your guidance here are some sample questions from academic interview section about lecturer task.
1. Every individual has his own criteria, but purpose of making shortlisted is that any one of the applicants can be appointed. So be careful while conversation with other candidates and do not distract with other candidates when you enter or excite from the interview room.
2. Just short listed candidates could be call on the day of interview. The academic Human Resources representatives on the interview board mostly follow selection criteria of applicants.
3. Feel free to use the words in interview because your behavior also being noticed in lecturer job. Also use some academic terms or adopt them according to your own entrepreneurial needs.
4. If Human Resources ask to you that how you resolved the situations and what did you do in critical conditions, never give this idea to your competitors after your interview. Do not give them idea about the expected questions in interview room.
5. Interview for a lectureship can be at least 45mints long in questioning related to teaching, researches and administration.
6. Interview usually starts with general questions, like about family background, discussion about academic records etc.
7. Question about experience, lecture demo, research students and test may include in lecturer interview. Question in interview can be like these:
• Give anyone example of your researches that you have define.
• How you can describe the teaching or lectureship.
• What is your strategy about the generation?
• What opportunities do you feel the best for male/female.
• What attracts you in your career, subjects or discipline?
• If you selected for this post then what are your expectations.