May 29, 2015

12 Tips and Tricks for Your Money Saving Strategies

People are always trying to save money, especially if economic conditions are deteriorating. Whatever your reason for saving, you will find various tips and tricks that you can apply. Saving money is actually not difficult, and you just need a little creative to learn whatever ways you can apply for saving.

There are many ways you can do to save money. Although seemingly only a few ways you can make a little money set aside, but when you continue to do so, then in the end you will see how much money you save. You need to remember, that saving is not only set aside money. Saving money is something that you encounter in your everyday life. Saving money is how you live and how you choose the possibilities that exist in life.

Believe in yourself that it is never too late to save, regardless of your current age. Arrange your mind, and believe that now is the time to start building the future.

1. Use the Back

When you shop, look for items that you can use again. A simple example is the battery that you can re-charge, rather than disposable batteries. The price initially is more expensive than ordinary batteries, but as time progresses you will certainly find it useful.

2. Financial Plan

Everyone should have a financial plan. One of the best ways to save money is by writing down your expenses. In general, when someone does not know where their money went, then when they see the spending records on paper, they will be surprised and immediately change their bad habits.

3. Self to please

Set aside funds for your own pleasure, lest you forget the self sendir! Even though your budget is low, you should not forget to give yourself pleasure, such as buying new clothes or go out to eat your favorite food at the restaurant. Do not let yourself be constrained by the scarcity mindset. Remember the law of abundance, "The Law of Abundance": this world will pleasure of God abound, including money. You only need to control how you use it.

If you think rare, then that is what will become a reality.

4. Insurance

Look for a good insurance company. Insurance you can use to transfer the financial risk you are, but you need to consider whether you need insurance or not. About ways to choose an insurance company, profit and loss insurance, as well as to determine whether you need it or not, in Personal Finance eBook: Recipe for Success Secret Behind The Rich (, you can learn everything completely.

5. Change Old Habits

Take the time to find out what exactly triggers your spending. When you are depressed, stressed, sad, happy, or whatever it is, whether you spend more money? As you already know what the trigger, then you can learn to control it. For example, if you recently laid off from work, even though you have little money, maybe you have a "need" strong to spend money. Then, maybe you noticed that when you're bored, you'll go shopping. Now, by knowing what causes it, then you can change the way you cope with boredom, sadness, or other triggers. Look for other more useful ways.

6. Avoid temptation

If you have a weakness, stay away. For example if you are easily tempted when looking at shoes, then do not stop at the shoe store when traveling. Avoiding temptation is hard, but saving money is also important. When you want to satisfy the urge of temptation before, you can use a special fund that you have saved for the sake of your pleasure (tips number 3).

7. The Right Time to Shop

Research has proven that when you shop at when you are hungry, depressed, sad, and tired, then you will spend more money. Before you go shopping, eat something so that later was not hungry when you get around the mall or market. If you're annoyed or upset, calm yourself before you bergi shopping. It may sound funny, but with a clean mind, then your shopping activities also will be more effective:)

8. Create Your Own Gift

When there are friends or family who has a birthday, try creating your own gifts or gift. Gifts made by his own hand coming from the heart .. hehe. Examples such as just when you're intoxicated by romance; if you're good to sing and make songs, then you can make a song about the people you care about it, sing it yourself, and record it on CD for your gift. But, make sure your voice is really good:) Or you can also make their own photo albums. Chances are, you just need a little creativity.

9. Envy and competition is Unnecessary

You do not have to compete with anyone. Competition is part of life, but there is no so-called healthy and unhealthy competition. What is the purpose here is unfair competition, ie for example if your neighbor bought a new luxury car, then you do not have to envy and compete by buying a nicer car, when you have not been able to buy it. Grateful and proud of what you currently have.

If there was your neighbor who bought a new luxury car, do like what PT Barnum said that included in my eBook, Golden Rules to Success Financial ( You only have to do what he did, but you do not can make others believe that you are as rich as him.

The attitude is the attitude towards poverty jealous heart and treasure, and you can not become rich by taking the road to poverty.

10. Beware Compliments

if you're shopping and trying clothes you want to buy, then often times you will hear a compliment from the seller. Do not jump to buy when he said the clothes were good and suitable for you. I'm not saying that all clothes seller was a lie, you know .... but you need to know exactly what you desire. You also need to know what price you can afford. Obey the rules of your own, not the seller clothes or someone else.

11. Printed Checks Would You Throw

One time, there is a mother who sent her daughter to clean rooms. Because of imitators, his son and then took a large plastic bag, and fill it with items he did not need. Out of curiosity, the mother and then examine what's in the bag. He then surprised to find a picture frame, roll your hair, wear clothes that are still reasonable, and other good stuff. The child did not realize that the thought is not useful, it is useful to others. After talking to her daughter, the mother and daughter wearing inappropriate clothing to donate to an orphanage, and use other items that are still functional.

12. Good Products Do not Ignore

The mistaken belief in the saving is, you have to buy cheap goods with low quality in order to economize. That's wrong. Goods are cheap and low quality it will drain your pocket. To overcome this, you can follow the suggestion of David J. Schwartz, author of best-seller "The Magic of Thinking Big": pay two times as much and buy a half.

For example, you used to buy two pairs of shoes worth Rp 100.000,00 because you want to save money. Instead, you can buy one pair of shoes worth Rp 200,000.00 with better quality