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Mar 17, 2013

Genius is NOT Born to Be

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Genius is NOT Born to Be

Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Alexander Pope, Mozart, Edison, Einstein are all the great people who made enormous contribution to human civilization. Their achievements and its influence are still widely felt in our society today. Undoubtedly, they are genius. But they were not born to be, since without education and efforts at the first hand they could not succeed, not alone to becoming masters in their field. In some sense, it's not so much intelligence as study th 
at produces success. Thus, education plays a vital role in people's life. 
Unfortunately, most of the people have trouble to learn well before adulthood. The reason is various: dislike of the subjects, easily-distracted in class, even because of the hatred to the teacher. As a matter of fact, those problems are not hard to solve. A much bigger problem is that how to study effectively so as to surpass the normal learning strategies dramatically. If any kid settle it down, he is probably to get close to be a genius. Recently, a scientific and prevailing theory of effective study is invented by Mike Byster. He invented a wonderful learning system "Brainetics", which uses mathematics to stimulate two parts of learners' brain to run at the same time. The result is amazing, any kid who adopts this strategies can work better and faster at all the subjects. What it takes is just 20 fun-filled minutes per day, while the reward are a vast memory, becoming a math master, feeling confidence, and releasing all kids' learning potential. What is more, the system could make learners change the attitude to the objects. Learners would gradually raise a kind of unprecedented passion toward the subjects, even extending to anything new. That will be a revolutionary learning habit quite different to previous ones. 

Brainetics program includes a set of 5 entertaining DVDs that increased the challenges step by step; a custom-designed Brainetics playbook which explains each parts and section; one set of 52 custom Brainetics flash cards during lessons; one deck of playing cards used to trigger mental speed et cetera; a "parent guide" that reveal the goal of each step, and how to get involved in the learning process. With the help of Brainetics, more and more children would be smarter, happier, and more confident. A bright new future is just waving to them. Wanna make your kid a genius and promise himher a better tomorrow ? JUMP !

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