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9 Steps To Overcome Shyness

9 Steps To Overcome Shyness.
Everyone feels shy sometimes. But Being too shy can influence your life. It can keep you from getting success. So, how to overcome shyness? Here are some steps for you if you often feel shy.
  1. Determine why you’re shy in the first place. Are you scared of what someone might say about your physical appearance? Are you afraid of making mistake? Remember, there’s a reason for how react in situations.
  2. Act as if you’re not shy. In private, behave as if you’re self-confidence. Hold your chin up. Stick your chest out. Walk casually. Speak firmly. It may seem ridiculous. Anyway, you will see the results when you’re out in public.
  3. Practise making eye contact. Smile in your iteractions with others. Get involved in casual conversations with strangers. What will we talk about? Weather. Current events. Anything.
  4. Look your best. Improve self-consciousness by always looking good. Stop being self-critical. Cheer yourself up. And be confident.
  5. Lower your fear of rejection. How? By imagining the worst possible outcome. If you approach someone, the may say “no” or they may just walk away. Remember, everybody has been rejected at some point. But no one is rejected all the time.
  6. Look and learn. Watch friends who aren’t shy. Or watch strangers who aren’t shy. Learn how they act and what they do. Then, try to do it as they do on your own.
  7. Feel positive about yourself. Don’t get frustrated. Have fun. Remember, the real goal is to have fun. If someone doesn’t like you, it’s okay. There are others who will like you for who you are.
  8. Stop talking to yourself. Being shy, you talk to yourself a lot in certain situations. If you do talk in your head, stop and say, “Stop talking to yourself. Focus on talking to others instead.
  9. Remember, you’re not the only one who has these feelings. Shyness is not a sin. Everyone feels shy sometimes. If other people can get past their shyness the so can we.

Battling Net Crime

Battling Net Crime.
On a sad day in February 2010, a teenager left her house to meet a man whom she had met on social site on the net. Five days later, her parents and the police found them both in a hotel where they had stayed together.

What shocking news! She was just 14! This is not fiction told by parents to scare their children; it’s is a real story. What makes it worse that kind of case has happened so many times.

You definitely don’t want to experience it yourself, do yo? Read on to find out how to avoid being a victim of internet crime.

Data Phishing
When it comes to cybercrime, phishing is one of the most widely used methods for defrauding internet users. The tactics and delivery of the scam vary, but the goal of this online fraud is usually the same; to access someone’s private information, such as user names and passwords, that can be used for gain.
The simplest phishing emails involve the use of unsolicited communication (or spam) that offers free goods and services in return for signup. To signup, you have to give the requested information that later will be sold to mailing list companies. Another way of phishing is using trustworthy logos of prominent companies or brands. Clicking the logo will lead you to a site where your data will be collected.
To avoid data phishing, you need to change your passoword regularly, say, once in the months. Don’t open a mail from people that you don’t know and always ask older people’s opinion about a site.

Inappropriate Photos
Most people like to take pictures and post them on the net. Photos of nature and animals usually won’t create a problem. But be careful in posting your portrait! With such an advanced technology in digital imaging, your beautiful face could be placed on a naked body. Now, that’s a problem.
Before uploading your photos, it is suggested that you resize the pictures into a smaller size and keep the actual size in your hard disk. Small-byte photos are difficult to manipulate. And the actual photos that you keep will come in handy when you are dealing with this kind of fraud.

Internet Buying
Selling and buying on the net is a common thing to do today. The buyer doesn’t need to meet the seller here. The transaction is done electronically once the buyer decides to buy what he/she wants. However, there are things to remember when you want buy something at the net.
Make sure that the seller is a honest person. Checking testimonials from other buyers will help you decide wheter you can trust the seller or not.
Make sure that you really like what you want to buy. Usually sold items are non-returnable.
Make sure that site is safe for you to give your bank or credit card account numbers. If possible, use another way of communication, such as email or SMS on your cell phone. Knowing the seller’s cell phone number is useful, just in case there is a problem in receiving your order.

FYI: Insulting people is also a crime!
The Indonesian Electronic Information and Transanction Law ((UU ITE or UU No. 11 Th. 2008) is meant to protect internet users against internet crime. But this law has also been used to sue other people on charges of insult of defamation through the net, like Prita Mulyasari’s case. Several months ago some high school students in Riau were permanently sent home after insulting one of their teachers on a social website.
Teasing a friend directly in a joking manner is OK, but writing rude words about somebody on your wall is definitely a no-no!
The thing is your written words are published on the World Wide Web. It means the whole world can read what you have written. So, be careful in writing things on the net. You don’t want it to turn against you, right!

Tips On Using Social Network To Our Advantage

Tips On Using Social Network To Our Advantage.
It’s undeniable how social networking sites are inseparable from our life. While there are still debates going on to decide wheter this is a good or bad thing, Genius Life Tips would like to present you seven tips on using social networking sites to our advantages.

Fill out your profile
A lot of people create an account on a certain social networking site and then use it but never fill out their profile. You might consider this unnecessary, but a filled up profile can create wonder. You’ll never know will end up reading your profile, it could be an employer looking for someone with the qualification you possess.

It is not always bad idea to have an account on different social networking sites. Each site is different, some are targeted for specific groups of people (e.g. teenagers, employees etc). Having account on various sites will enable you to get into different types of environment and of course, provide you with access to numerous, opportunities, including once-in-a-lifetime ones.

Join a community
On any social networking sites, you’ll find people of various backgrounds and interests. People who share the same interests usually form a community among themselves. It can be based on almost anything, from fans of a band to users of a certain mobile provider. And if you can’t find any that suits your taste, you can always form a new community.

Use “group”feature
By grouping your contact into several categories you can control with whom you are sharing information. A student, for example, may post horrible things about this school on their page and if he let his posts read by the public, then there is a possibility that the fateful post will be read by unwanted visitors, such as his teacher or even the school principal. Putting your friends, family and colleagues into different groups will certainly prevent this kind of thing to happen.

Upload your creative content
Again you’ll never know who’ll stop by your profile on social networking sites, and if you happen to be a writer or belong to a band or a photographer, just don’t hesitate to upload your works! More and move talented people are scouted this way.

Revamp your profile
Are you still having those silly names like “Anonymous Ninja” or “Super Mario”? Well, you might want to reconsider the name now, especially when you’re out there looking for a job. Yes, it may sound cool, having those names as and ID, but statistics shows that those with serious ID on social sites have a better chance to be accepted when applying for a job than those with silly names.

Publish an ad
Now this might sound a little straightforward, but yes, you can publish an ad in some social networking sites. You can publish about anything, wheter it’s about show where your band will play or even about you seeking a job. You can provide a link that will lead visitors to know more about let say, your band, or even yourself.

Website Wonder

Website Wonder

How to Protect Endangered Animals

How to Protect Endangered Animals.
Saving endangered animals from extinction is not too big a mission to accomplish, right? But you think you can’t contribute to this grand endeavor? Think again. Below are some ways for you to get involved in saving rare animals.

Keep Them Wild in Nature
Don’t buy and keep wild animals as pets. Stay away from buying wild animals, some of them endangered species, at animal markets notorious for selling endangered animals like the one in Jatinegara or Pasar Burung on Jalan Kartini, Semarang, Indonesia.

Don’t Eat and Use Products Made from Rare Animals
Okay, you dont’t buy rare animals or keep them as pets, but do you eat them? Without realizing it, we may eat delicacies or consume traditional medicine made from rare animals.There are many products that are made from parts of these animals. Say no to delicacies like sharp’s fin, green turtle and it eggs, trenggiling (Manis javanica) and maleo eggs. For centuries traditional medicine practitioners have used tiger bone for treating joint problems, rhino horn for treating fever, bear bile for treating headaches and liver problems, and seahorse for treating kidney ailments and impotence. Besides food and medical industries, beauty and fashion industries also put great pressure on the existence of some rare species. Reptile skins and furs are still high in demand for fashion accessories like bags, jackets and coats. Musk-fraganced perfume originates from a musk deer’s gland. To obtain the gland, the musk deer must be killed, wich has led to the animal’s dire existence.

Adopt Them
Wait! Adopting here doesn’t mean that you can keep the animals at home. It just means that you provide financial support for the rehabilitation of an endangered animal so that the animal will be fit enough again to be freed in the wild. Call BNIgogreeen program at 500046/68888 or go to www.orangutan.or.id (click “Adopt Now”) to adopt an orangutan. You can also adopt another endangered animal at www.worlwildlife.org (go to “Species adoption”) and choose any endangered animal you’d like to adopt such as the Sumatran rhino, proboscis monkey, etc.

Be Well-informed of Your Local Environmental Issues
Expand your twitter and facebook usage to show that you care. In the case of saving endangered species, you can begin by knowing the real threats that the animals are facing. By following or befriending the accounts of WALHI, Yayasan Hakiki, Yayasan Palung Kalimantan, AMAN PW (Riau), for example, you’ll be informed that the homes of most rare animals in our country are reduced by land encroaching, illegal logging, as well as legal logging (HPH). Knowledge leads to action. By knowing what’s going on around you (begin by looking into a local problem in your region), hopefully you’ll think of some contributions to make.


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