Jan 3, 2012

The Benefits of Napping

The Benefits of Napping.
Do you know that taking a nap gives you numerous benefits? Some experts reveal that taking a nap for while can decrease the possibility of death by heart attack, especially in young men. A research in Greece also shows that taking a nap for half an hour, at least three times a week, reduces the risk of a heart attack by 37%. Other studies have also shown that napping is good for our mental health. A deep sleep in the middle of the day has other benefits such as:

Increases Productivity
It’s not good to force our body to work all day long. If you drink a cup of coffee to rest your mind, why don’t you replace it with a nap? It only takes 10 to 20 minutes to freshen you up. As we nap, our body, eyes, and mind will get a deep rest. When you wake up you will be more alert and more focused on your work. If you think napping is impossible for busy people like you, take a look at this fact: The Japanese are used to taking a “power nap” for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day during lunch break to increase productivity. Some Japanese officers even have napping rooms ready for their workers.

Promotes Ideal Weight
Some researches believe that sleeping at noon promotes a good body metabolism that results in an ideal weight. We can say that it’s cheap and nice way of losing weight.

Boost Brain Performance
Some researchers state that people who take a nap are faster in problem-solving and smarter in taking decisions. Taking a nap also improves our crativity and sharpens our senses and memories.