Dec 11, 2011

Music Director

Music Director
The Requirements
First of all, you must be a music freak. You can say that there's no day without music in your life. What kind of music? All kinds, 'coz you can't prefer certain kinds only. You have to love rock, disco, pop and so on. You should have a good taste in music and have a "sensitive" ear for music. It's important because as Music Director you should be able to predict which songs will become hits. Then you must follow the latest music trends and profiles of artists to broaden your knowledge about music. In short, you have to be up-to-date with music. What about the educational background? People from any field of study can be a Music Director. But it would be better if you major in music. Both male and female can have this position although nowadays the majority tends to be male.

The Job
A Music Director is responsible for selecting and providing songs for radio airplay. In selecting the songs, he or she should pay attention to some aspects. He or she must know exactly what audience segment your radio caters to (whether it is young or adult people) and their social status. Based on this, you can look for the song material that is appropriate for your listeners. You can get the songs from the music library at your radio station. Besides that you can also find some new releases from music web sites on the internet. Your creativity is needed here to gather the song material. Then you must set up the daily play lists of songs to be played by the radio announcer. Making a radio chart becomes your responsibility too. Basically, it's all about music.

Salary and Career Path
For a single person, working as a music director can give you i more than enough payment. The salary range is between 1,5 to 3 million. At the senior level, you can earn more then that. Those who have had experience in this job will be paid very well. From a music director, you can step up your career to a program director or any other position in a radio station. But to be a music director, you don't have to be a radio announcer first. But it is an advantage if you start the career as radio announcer.

Tips From The Music Director
Music Director has to be a dynamic person. You have to follow music updates from local and international repertoire to enrich your knowledge about music. Then you should listen to many kinds of radio, music from teenage times to the oldies. A sense of Public Relation is also important in this job 'coz you should be able to establish and maintain relationships with people from the music industry who will support your job.