Dec 13, 2011

Choosing the Right One

Choosing the Right One
Choosing a major for further study usually causes a headache: that's what most high school students think when graduation day comes closer. Other problems might be the choice of campus or place where they want to pursue their goal. No matter what choice they take, they should think about it carefully and whole-heartedly as this will determine their future success.

Expert Tongues
One of the multiple intelligences is linguistic intelligence. People with this kind of ability most probably will succeed in the language department - either as a linguist, a translator, an interpreter, an editor, a writer or a reporter. Sometimes a person that masters foreign languages can have double or even triple jobs as they can work independently - removed from the office - as a book translator or editor, for example. And... it will result in having a double or triple income. Sounds interesting?

Strong Bones
What if you can't take your mind off doing physical activities? Doing sports is already in your blood. A desk job or other similar kinds of job are certainly not for you. So, why bother ruining your life doing something that is not your cup of tea! Just take a sports major in your chosen university or college, and you can become a sports instructor or a personal trainer later on. If you decide to become a professional athlete, you must immediately join a club. And these are the three words for you: practice, practice, and practice! 

Calculating Fingers
Being a successful person in business is always your dream. You can choose to master one major enter that world. Reputable multinational companies always require good grades (GPA) from their newly-hired accountants, lawyers or management trainees (who will be managers later on). Another option is opening your own business. Opening a business needs good strategies. You can learn the ropes by doing an internship after you finish your study in a business college.

Artful Hearts
When your heart follows the rhythm of any song you hear, or when your mind is so busy creating things related to art - painting a picture, molding a statuette, catching sceneries with your camera, composing a new song or dance, designing clothes or rooms - you know exactly that you have an artistic talent.

Don't hesitate to make your dream come true. There are many colleges that can help you to reach your goal. Some of them even offer short courses focused on one subject only. Since being an artist, a musician, a photographer, a designer, a dancer, or a singer means that you need to do a lot of practice to improve your performance, don't forget to make time to sharpen your skills.

Busy Brains
Have your teachers ever commented on how good you are in mathematics, physics, accounting, or chemistry? Do you like spending your time solving difficult calculations or puzzles? Do you like to think how a machine works? Do you want to invent something useful for human life? Well, you are one of what people call the thinkers! Your future career as a scientist, a planner, an architect, an engineer, a web-programmer or an inventor will bring success and joy into your life. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, even new kinds of jobs are created. Designing edutainment and games software is an example of a new job that wasn't available in the past.

Helping Hands
Are you willing to sacrifice your life for others? Are you easily touched by sad stories? Do you want to hug people when you see them crying? Do you want to jump directly into a river to save a little girl's life? Do you want o stay up late examining or studying something? Are you good listener? Is money not your top priority? If all of our answers are 'yes', then you're qualified to become a doctor, a psychologist, a teacher, a nurse, a midwife, or a social worker. 

Practicing one of the professions mentioned above isn't easy. Being a doctor is not at all about becoming a rich person. You have to work hard in college, and later ice tough conditions when you work for real. You have to possess this so-called golden heart. When somebody's knocking at your door, it means that you have to put aside our personal affairs - what ever they are. The biggest reward you'll get is the shining smile and the grateful look from your patients, students, clients, or just anybody that you have helped.

Thoughtful Minds
A great country needs good leaders. Political and spiritual leaders are the persons other people look up to. They have to set a good example both orally and behaviorally. There's no place for a corrupt person. If you think that you are the right person and you're ready to make changes, you should consider majoring in politics or religion. You will learn how to influence people to do good things; but of course, you should start doing good yourself!
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