Nov 30, 2010

How to Deal With Difficult Boss

Deal With Difficult/Strict Boss
Majority of jobbers have some points in their lives when they had to deal with a difficult/strict boss. Almost all supervisors and bosses vary in personality and are being push for rudeness. Some people think that an abusive boss or supervisors are the victim of domestic problem that’s way they behave like this. Role of boss attracts certain controlling-type personalities because they crave the power and boss designation gives them authorities to control staff people. There are commanding motivating factors that allow a difficult supervisor to control people out of fear. No doubt we are not able to correct his behavior but we should never allow them to control our lives according to their personal will. A difficult boss is a challenge for everyone but there are some terms to handle the situation.
We have some strategies to deal with strict and difficult boss, if you want to be relaxed then follow them.
  1. Some people do not have much confidence to talk with supervisor or boss. They feel scared while discussing with boss on some matter owing to the boss’s obvious behavior. They get afraid of losing their job as the result of misunderstanding or conflict. So before dealing with your boss, it is better to prepare a meeting and discussion which you are going to talk with him/her.
  2. Make an honest analysis of your wok, job performance for the time, when your boss threats you for the performance if you have not been relaxed and lazy person. Then at that time, try to re-locate on the project in your hand.
  3. It is also possible that your boss is a good person but due to lack of your efficiency, his behavior is much rude towards you. So also make analyses of your performance and sincerity and try to change yourself instead of your boss.
  4. If you are happy with the company and do not want to skip just owing to the difficult boss, then develop relationship with some other supervisor of the related department and try to move in some other department under a new boss.
  5. Moreover make a list of your difficult boss’s bad, unprofessional and abusive behavior. Just write down fact, not your reaction.
  6. If your boss’ attitude is beyond to your toleration then write down a letter to your HR department with the fact report that you have made of your difficult boss. Human resources would do something for the solution of this misunderstanding between you and your boss.
  7. It is not good way to keep silent at the response of your difficult manager’s insulting and non-professional behavior. If he is letting you down and insulting you over nothing then reply just calmly it is best way to deal with a difficult boss in bad situation. If he is doing this to damage your efficiency then for somebody else then report to your most senior boss or Human Resources.
  8. It is not good to sacrifice your health by taking tension of your boss bad behavior. Problem will never be solved till we do not try to solve them. First try to change your strict boss attitude through your sincerity and devotion. But it does not mean to sacrifice your health by giving over time to your job just for the sake of boss’s pleasure.


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